Welcome to FreeFrog.com

Hi, I'm Nicolas Solberg. "FreeFrog" is my moniker and FreeFrog.com is my little spot in the pond for fun & creative projects. Right now there's not much to see on the site since I'm working like a madman at my job, but check back occasionally to see what the FreeFrog is hoppin' up.

Who knows, I "may" have some new gaming stuff, musicial creations, artwork, or even a children's e-book to talk about.

FreeFrog Designs

Where's FreeFrog Designs?

I've been a freelance web & graphic designer for many years as FreeFrog Designs. Currently I am NOT freelancing, however, I still use FreeFrog Designs as an umbrella for my personal creative projects. View my portfolio 

My Fun Side

I'm certainly not "all work and no play"... I'm also an avid bicyclist, photographer, kayaker, motorcyclist, musician, builder of role-playing games, and more. Explore my funstuff 

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