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ABOUT Da FreeFrog

Since the early days of the internet I've applied my design, development and creative skills.

digitally painted image of nic in bicycle helmet

Why FreeFrog?

FreeFrog became my moniker in 1995, when I started FreeFrog Designs. However, in the mundane world I still go by Nicolas Solberg.

Where is my resume?

Why reinvent the wheel in this age of social media and services. Visit my LinkedIn profile to see my resume.

Who am I?

I'm not all work and no play. I dabble in wide range of hobbies, including gaming (tabletop and video), digital art, music, motorcycling, writing, bicycling, kayaking, camping,  photography and the list goes on. 

freefrog designs logo

What about FreeFrog Designs?

I founded FreeFrog Designs in 1995 (a freelance web & graphic design company) and served hundreds of customers (private, corporate and goverment) in a variety of industries for decades. 

In 2013, I stopped taking on new clients and projects to work full-time for the State of California. 

I still maintain FreeFrog Designs as an umbrella for my personal creative projects.


With 28+ years of experience, here's a quick overview of the skills in my toolbox.

Totally Graphical

Graphic Design is vital for business communications, branding, marketing, illustration, infographics, print and web design. I'm well-versed in typography, form, color theory, balance, and minimalism. 

Web Savvy

Design for the web is both technical and creative. I build large and small websites using a variety of tools and techniques focused on best practice coding for accessibility and mobile responsiveness. 

User Experience

User Experience (and UX/UI) is where form and function converge to provide the best possible experience for users of products or resources you build. It is essential for creating effective websites, applications, publications and physical products.

Wise Words

Technical Writing is at the core of my education. Knowing how to write and edit content for a specific audience improves comprehension, engagement and usability.

Print Worthy

Print Design requires a blend of skills utilizing composition, layout, color, typography, and texture to communicate impactfully. I'm fluent in offset and digital printing for packinging, marketing and documentation.

My Creations

I'm fond of creating original games, icons, books, and more. Here are but a few.

rhunyen rpg logo

Rhunyen: World of Fog & Sky

Tabletop Roleplaying Game

My own fantasy game setting where a world is torn assunder, covered in endless fog and full of fantastical and horrific adventure. Initiallly developed for my original game system RizerGS, I have since made it system agnostic. 

I am currently revamping the game materials and plan to relaunch the website in 2023. 

gomo book cover

GoMo's Invasion

Children's Ebook

Originally a launch title for an interactive iOS application, I released it as a basic very basic ebook (in PDF and HTML) when the application's development was cancelled. Sad, because the app version was interactive and had sound. 

View the HTML edition of GoMo's Invasion or the PDF edition

timeon rizer rpg logo

Timeon Rizer

Tabletop Roleplaying game

My original science-fiction game setting where eldritch horrors attempt to insidiously control all of time and space. Timeon Rizer is game slang for The Time of the Rising

I don't have plans to update the game materials or website anytime soon, so explore the old Timeon Rizer website.

ticklebritches book cover

Ticklebritches and the Cowboy

Personal memoirs

The original printed book was sold online and provided to historical libraries relevant to the memoirs. The book is no longer in print, however, an ebook edition may be in the works.