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Flags of Talislanta...

First off, let me say these flags were a blast to make, but it was Colin Chapman who gave me the impetus — stemming from an impromptu call for fans to submit flag ideas for possible use in the upcoming Tal4 CityGuide. I'd sent in the flag of Sindar initially. I don't think any of these flags will actually make it into the CityGuide, so I figured why not post 'em (with Colin's okay of course), so someone might enjoy and get use out of 'em. Use for personal use as you see fit — just don't use 'em for that "other" game! Nuff said. Hope you enjoy the flaggies. Be sure to click on each flag for a much larger/hi-res version suitable for printing.


Phantas (Colin inspired)


Carantheum (FreeFrog inspired)

Kang (Quan) Empire

Kang (FreeFrog Original)


Sindar (FreeFrog Original)


Aaman (Colin inspired)


L'Haan v2a (Colin inspired)

Seven Kingdoms

The Seven Kingdoms Confederation (Colin inspired)


Kasmir (FreeFrog original)


Taz (Colin inspired)
work in progress


Oceanus (FreeFrog original)

Designing: Colin's guidelines were fairly loose, but he was firm that NO typefaces/languages were to be used (i.e., he wanted them to feel part of Tal, not Earth). Another friend (who's a gamer) commented that most of these would be hard, if not impossible, to create in a realworld flag. I countered with, "It's high fantasy! Of course 'they' can make flags we can't on Earth!" My guess is that some rather elaborate techniques, most likely involving magics, are used to produce the more "airbrushed" looks, whereas the textural qualities are common to the types of fabrics and stitching techniques used. Whatever... I think they look cool. :D

Legal: All flags are copyright © 2001 of FreeFrog Designs & Colin Chapman. Permission is granted for personal use only!

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