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How to navigate this blasted site?

(1) It's simple: if you have FRAMES enabled (in your browser), then use the "main topic" buttons on the right to go exploring.

(2) Then, under each main topic, use the TAL•NAVigator (that weird little buttony thing below) to see the sub-topics in that area.

(3) Use TOP to return to the first page in that given main topic. Confused yet? Fear not, just explore and STOP BITING YOUR NAILS! *grin*

(4) If that all makes your brain hurt, or you don't have frames enabled, you can use the Phantastal Sitemap to get there.

If you have comments about my site, it's content, etc. feel free to [an error occurred while processing this directive] . Also, this site looks best with either of the free fonts Trebuchet or Verdana installed on your Mac or PC.

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