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About the Windshipyards:

So What's Nizrin?
The windshipyards of Nizrin house some very rare and some not-so-rare windships; some drawn by the windshipwright, FreeFrog (aka, yours truly). Southwest some 75 miles from the isle of Phantas lies the isle of Nizrin. A town and windshipyards have sprung up in the last 10 years on the small, but amazingly diverse little island. The windshipyards of Nizrin are known to carry some unusual vessels for purchase or charter.

Nizrin is also home to the reclusive flying beasts known as Nizrini (see Nizrini with Phantasian rider). The Phantasians found the creatures unusually intelligent (some capable of telepathic bonding) and wonderfully powerful and versatile mounts. The Phantasian navy has created a special scouting division called the Nizrini Guard, who fly scout the remote skies and islands where windships would be too obvious or have trouble navigating to – and the Nizrini are MUCH cheaper to maintain than a fleet of windships. But that's another tale to be told... back to the windships! :D

Why Windships?
One the coolest conveyances in fantasy is the WINDSHIP. I've had a thing for windships ever since reading Dragonworld as a teen. Besides Talislanta & Dragonworld, some add'l inspirations for windships include: the Skyrealms of Jorune, Space 1889 and Earthdawn RPGs, as well as the Pirates of Dark Water TV show. Suffice it to say, windships are a staple in our Tal games.

In our interpretation of Talislanta, windships have proven imminently practical, as well as strategically powerful, for the those who have access to them. They are an rare sight in the uncivilized areas, but fairly common amidst the skies of civilized areas — especially in Cymril, Phantas, Thaecia, Faradun and Zandu. While initially invented by the Phantasians (that was long ago), the power and usefulness of the windship became so respected that by any means, some cultures have acquired some of the Phantasians' closely guarded secrets – windship technology is a valuable commodity indeed.

Despite a lack of appreciation by the Phantasians, other cultures with newfound windship technology have refined their ships with new technologies. All this, while Phantas' own fleet limps along — a sorry sight for the inventors. In the western areas of Talislanta, technologies are secretly sold and shared amongst the major cultures — for political, commercial, and defensive reasons. In the desert and eastern regions, collaboration has also created some unique windships, albeit not on as much of a production scale. We of the windshipyards of Nizrin are striving to make the Phantasians – along with their allies – again preeminent in windship design.

Windship Houserules...

Windship Types: While the term windship is commonly used for all air vessels, they're sometimes referred to by size/function, as follows...

  • Windriggers are the smallest vessels (really they're just boats) that are usually personal vessels not intended for extended journeys, because of their small holds and fragility.
  • Windskiffs are small to medium vessels making up the majority of windships in Talislanta. They have larger holds and crews, are weatherworthy, and usually have fair range. The greatest weakness of windskiffs is not having weapon defenses, other than crew, due to their limited deck size.
  • True Windships are notably larger vessels intended for long range travel. The term Windwar has become synonymous with ships designed for combat, but the term windship is equally applicable. Most windships are usually capable of surviving storms, some combat, etc. While their holds are intended for modest amounts of cargo or people, most windships are notably smaller than their comparable waterbound siblings (i.e., they can't carry as much).

Ship Stats:

  • Hull describes the basic dimensions of the ship – which are also used to determine the inherent integrity of the design (HP). The strength of the ship's outer skin and/or armoring (PR) are not based on the size of the vessel, but what the ship's function is. The basic ship type: windrigger, windskiff, windship, or windwar is also listed.
  • Speed is the ship's common cruising speed and maximum speed with good wind; Actions per turn (APT) are something we added to approximate how maneuverable a windship is (a maneuverable ship can turn faster, ascend quicker, etc.), and is for maneuvering only – i.e., the ship only gets to travel it's speed value ONCE per turn regardless of it's APTs.
  • Crew is defined as the minimum crew required during active maneuvers (e.g., combat, racing, landing, etc.); each type of armament also requires a crew (see below). Additional space for passengers/cargo means space for sleeping/storage BELOW deck – a ship can usually carry a few extra people ON DECK no problem.
  • Arms come in a wide variety of forms. Overall, the firing arc of a weapon should be determined before combat begins (skyfire chutes are fixed to drop things, just like a bomber plane), but other weapons can probably be repositioned in preparation for combat, to achieve the best attack/defense. Be sure to note that each weapon has a crew requirement as listed in pg. 484 (Tal4).

Protective Rating (PR) – based on windship's intended use: Unlike their land or sea counterparts, windship design requirements (and prohibitive costs) make them fragile. It is assumed that a windship can take roughly 50% it's HP's in damage before becoming risky to fly (-4 to all rolls); at 25% of it's HP's, is unsafe to fly (-8 to all rolls) and should be grounded for repairs.

  • Lightly armored windships have a PR 1-3 (which makes them very fragile)
  • Merchant vessels usually have a PR 4-8 (which is quite weatherworthy)
  • Warships usually have a PR 6-10 (notably resistant to most dangers)

Hit Points (HP) – guidelines for determining windship hit points: The basic strength of the ship's design.

  • Less expensive or light windships have HPs equal to their (LENGTH + WIDTH); so 16 + 7 = 23 HP
  • More weatherworthy ships usually have HPs equal to their (LENGTH + WIDTH + 10); so 60 + 18 + 10 = 88 HP
  • Warships usually have HPs equal to their (LENGTH + WIDTH + 20); so 150 + 32 + 20 = 202 HP

Speed: Speed is arbitrarily assigned based on the ship's design and purpose. Size is not a determinant of speed.

  • MPH is determined by taking the speed value (+) x 20, plus 100, and dividing by 9 (rounding up). Thus a speed of +5 is figured as follows: ((5x20)+100)/9 = 22 MPH.
  • Actions per turn are for maneuvering only and help make ship-to-ship combat more exciting
  • Sindaran catch-sail's improve maximum speeds (which are only applicable during good winds)
  • Aeriad flex-poles reduce crew requirements for manning sails

The Ships...

The ShrikeThe Shrike is as distinctive a windrigger as they come. Based on a Sunra harpoon boat hull and a Vajra engineer's inventive mind, this oversized windrigger is durable in the extreme. Using a Sunra sail, it performs well and is 100% watersound.

Several other custom ships by the same Vajra engineer, Norus, have similar features, but all vary in appearance. The Shrike's current whereabouts and owner are unknown.

Hull: Windrigger, 31'x11' (HP 62), PR 10

Speed: Cruise +4 (20 mph), Max + 6 (25 mph); APT 2

Crew: 1; plus space for 1 passenger or cargo

Arms: none

The KalibazThe Kalibaz is a elegant windship of Sindaran design. At 60' long, it's not a massive ship, but it's strong 'catch-sail' and large steer-sail give it exemplary performance.

At least 10 other ships of similar design exist — most in the hands of Sindaran collectors — but the Kalibaz is a privateer run by Krobon, a renegade Kang, and his nefarious crew.

Hull: Windskiff, 60'x18' (HP 88), PR 6

Speed: Cruise +5 (22 mph), Max +9 (31 mph); APT 3

Crew: 3, not including armaments; plus space for 7 passengers or cargo

Arms: Springal, DR 20

The AzulThe Azul, built by the same shipwright of the Sky Shaitan (below), is a marvel of modern windship technology. Spanning 180', it's an exceptional war and/or merchant vessel. It employes a Sindaran catch-sail and has a massive hold.

The Azul is a flagship in the Zandu navy – often seen patrolling the northern borders of Zandu & Werewood with its full arsenal and crew. There were some 23 vessels of this general design built, with 18 still in service.

Hull: Windship, 180'x45' (HP 245), PR 8

Speed: Cruise +4 (20 mph), Max + 7 (27 mph); APT 2

Crew: 10, not including armaments; plus space for 32 passengers or cargo

Arms: Heavy Ballista, DR 30; Light Ballista, DR 15; Two Skyfire Chutes DR 20 (50' area effect, no aim)

The Sky ShaitanThe Sky Shaitan is as windwar utilizing Sindaran and Aeriad technologies. At 150' long, it's distinctive open midsection is designed to accommodate a wide-range of repositionable deck weapons; it also has 2 skyfire chutes (underside). The Shaitan's unique design gives it great flexibility in bombarding ground targets with massive damage or broadsiding other windships.

6 other ships of the same design exist. All but 2 are owned by the Seven Kingdoms Air Guard.

Hull: Windship, 150'x32' (HP 202), PR 6

Speed: Cruise +3 (18 mph), Max + 6 (25 mph); APT 1

Crew: 12, not including armaments; plus space for 19 passengers or cargo

Arms: Heavy Ballista, DR 30; Light Catapult, DR 20; Light Ballista, DR 15; Two Skyfire Chutes DR 20 (50' area effect, no aim)

The Tyr-tareenThe Tyr-tareen is a standard Phantasian inspired windskiff. A mere 42', it's nonetheless a very sound design with a modest sized hold. It's fanned sail design gives it excellent climbing speed, but poor underside visibility.

This is common design, with an uncountable number of similar ships. The Tyr-tareen was last reported leaving from the windshipyards in Zir, but has not been seen since.

Hull: Windskiff, 42'x17' (HP 69), PR 4

Speed: Cruise +4 (20 mph), Max + 6 (25 mph); APT 2

Crew: 3, not including armaments; plus space for 5 passengers or cargo

Arms: Light Ballista, DR 15

The ReneeThe Renee is a distinctive Sindaran designed windrigger. At 20', it's built for Ariane tastes in transport and elegance – which translates into sparse amenities, but simply, reliable operation. Because of it's Aeriad flexpole sail, it's easily piloted by just one crewmember.

The Renee is owned by Rana, a famed Ariane Seeker, and her Gryph companion – who's usually airborne, not shipside. Named after her grand-daughter, Rana has done much to acquaint races with the Ariane way. Only 3 other ships of similar design are known to exist.

Hull: Windrigger, 21'x8' (HP 29), PR 3

Speed: Cruise +4 (20 mph), Max + 6 (25 mph); APT 2

Crew: 1; no additional space

Arms: none

The ChameleonThe Chameleon is only one of 3 ships built in Gao-Din around the concept of a sailing vessel that can take to the skies in bad seas or other dangers. At 118' and being 100% seaworthy, the Chameleon has avoided the Imrians, rough seas and the like for over 40 years. It's air prowess is minimal, but since it spends 90% of its time on the sea, that's unimportant. It has a good-sized cargo hold as well as common sea-vessel riggings.

The crew of the Chameleon is an adventurous lot, who've used the unique vessel on many raids, escapes, and adventures. Captain Hearth has quite a reputation for her taste in men and her ruthless sea tactics. Many a tavern tale has been told about the Chameleon. The whereabouts of the other 2 ships is unknown, though rumors have it that one is raiding on the Sea of Madness.

Hull: Windship,118'x33' (HP 161), PR 8

Speed: Cruise +1 (14 mph), Max + 3 (18 mph); APT 2

Crew: 7, not including armaments; plus space for 15 passengers or cargo

Arms: Two Light Ballista's, DR 15 ea.

The Black WindThe Black Wind has won Cymril's Windship Regatta 6 times. Its unique design and characteristics are credited to its designer – a Dracartan duneship builder – along with its catch-sail design. Spanning 128' and attaining astounding airspeeds, the Black Wind is a sight to behold.

The Black Wind is currently on a diplomatic tour of Talislanta, flying under the auspices of the Seven Kingdoms and Dracarta. 4 other ships of similar design have recently been completed for private clients.

Hull: Windship, 128'x19' (HP 147), PR 3

Speed: Cruise +5 (23 mph), Max + 11 (36 mph); APT 2

Crew: 8, not including armaments; plus space for 12 passengers or cargo

Arms: Ship's Hurlant, DR 20+

The Soul of KhulThe Soul of Khul is a windrigger built on a smaller hull version of the famous Black Wind (above). Being only 6' wide (deckside), it's more stylish than functional. Nonetheless, it's inherent design gives it respectable performance – though it's best served with 2 crewman.

At least 7 other ships of the same design exist, most owned by royalty and wealthy merchants who are fans of the Windship Regatta – and the Black Wind's prestige.

Hull: Windrigger, 26'x6' (HP 32), PR 2

Speed: Cruise +4 (20 mph), Max + 7 (27 mph); APT 2

Crew: 1-2; plus space for minimal cargo only

Arms: none

The HaradrinThe Haradrin is a Thaecian windskiff utilizing a Thaecian multi-colored, tri-sail design. At just 38', it's not a very sturdy vessel, but it's quick turning ability (due to its folding tri-sail) and good speed allow it to avoid most troubles.

Harrara 'the Golden', and his wandering Thaecian & Thiasian troupe visit the western lands often. While the Haradrin is a unique design, many other Thaecian ships are known to employ the tri-sail.

Hull: Windskiff, 39'x24' (HP 63), PR 4

Speed: Cruise +5 (23 mph), Max + 8 (29 mph); APT 3

Crew: 4, not including armaments; plus space for 8 passengers or cargo

Arms: none

The Shard of AnnonThe Shard of Annon is an fairly unremarkable and common Cymrilian-style, 1-person, windrigger. While only 16' long, it's 100% watersound (and rowable) – making it very handy for romantic interludes on canals and such.

The Shard is owned by the Cymrilian Wizard, Teralz, and named after his beloved wife, Annon. His apprentice, Tobril, is now using it to explore for his master – though rumors are it's been abandoned in the windshipyards of Zir.

Hull: Windrigger, 16'x7' (HP 23), PR 1

Speed: Cruise +2 (16 mph), Max + 3 (18 mph); APT 1

Crew: 1; no additional space

Arms: none

A work in progress...

Lastly, though not inherently windship-centric, here are some of the flags flown on vessels throughout Talislanta.

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